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Clubrun 27Sep - Hulme End

PostPosted: September 27th, 2015, 8:49 pm
by Focus
A wonderful sunny warm September day today saw Andy, Baz, John C, Paul, Simon and Tony out.

We opted for Hulme End to be 'kind' to John who said he would struggle in the hills....... Nice and flat route of course :lol: :lol:

Brickworks, Windgather, Goyt, Earl Sterndale, Brund and on to the café where Dave W and a couple of his mates were there to meet us.

After a feed we went along the Manifold Valley and up the climb to Grindon, Butterton, Royal Cottage, Wildboarclough and home.

John did well considering his lack of miles and it was really great to see him back for a second week running on his holidays from N.Ireland. (Maeve, he has really missed you and didn't stop thinking about you these last two weeks.........14 currys, 3 clubruns, 14 nights on the booze, 1 weeks sun, 1 Welsh rugby win, 1 VW/Porsche emisions blunder..............a rough week for John :D :D :D

Fantastic day out today. 8-) 8-)

72miles for me, route here:


Re: Clubrun 27Sep - Hulme End

PostPosted: October 7th, 2015, 10:11 am
by Baldy Welshy
Had an excellent September trip over to England thanks to the Abbots and the vets. Good weather meant 3 runs out in one week, couldn't have wished for better luck.

Thanks to you all for putting in an easier couple of runs so that I could keep up. Just. Hopefully next time I'll be a bit lighter so that I can get up the hills a bit faster. At least I didn't get off and push, though it was close at one point.

The plan is to book up Mallorca for April so look forward to seeing you all then. Hopefully there will be less of me by then.