It's Time Trialling Jim, but not as we know it

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It's Time Trialling Jim, but not as we know it

Postby Baldy Welshy » June 22nd, 2008, 6:37 pm

I rode a short time trial on Saturday, at just under 5 miles in the pouring rain on a dual carriageway.

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Its a TT Jim but not as we know it...

The left hand lane of the dual carriageway at the start had been closed for about 500 metres so that the pusher-offer could start you safely. I've never seen that before. It was lovely.

Riders were actually turning in the closed lane, and riding up and down. U-turns in sight of the starter :o with impunity :o ; I am of course appalled and outraged at such anarchy.

As I rolled up to the start, at the end of the closed-lane section there were three race officials at the start as well as police motorbike to ensure a safe start.

The TT was straight out and short. Th pusher-offers here hold the bike behind, and as they count you down they do the 5-4-3-2-1 with the fingers in front of you. Its UCI not CTT, so a bit cool to be like the TTs you see on the telly.

So off I go, and after 10 minutes that seemed like an eternity (it is a few hours after a hilly road race) I saw a sign for 1km to go. Another nice touch, good for the final spurt when you don't know the course.

But .... wait for it ... the best is yet to come ... as I crossed th finish line, a police motorbike came past. It had escorted me the whole time!!!

Can you believe it ? I couldn't, but sure enough, riding back to the start, riders were getting their own police bike, 20 feet behind, riding wide with all blue lights flashing, moving all traffic out of the lane.

I didn't realise the bike was there until after the event so I spent the whole TT riding close to the white line like in England because you expect it to be too dangerous to do much else. I wish I had looked round, I would have luxuriated in this rare opportunity of my very own lane closure.

Police Escorted TTs - How cool is that ?

I just wish Clark and Hodgins could have seen it.
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