M&DTTA 100

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M&DTTA 100

Postby goldengirl » July 9th, 2009, 7:47 am

It was good to see 3 entries for this event and better still, 3 started and 3 finished.

Ian, you are such a steady rider looking at the 50 time check. It's amazing how many "die" in the 2nd half. Glad to see that Steve got a time in the end couldn't understand why he had to wait so long. Finally, what can one say of our secretary. He was just SO thrilled to finish and with a good time. You'll get inside 4.30 on a decent course John, only don't do it in Ireland - their miles are always longer than ours!!

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Re: M&DTTA 100

Postby resultboardman » July 10th, 2009, 12:55 pm


Thanks for your usual support in your usual place - much appreciated. I did get 3rd handicap for my troubles, but you'll probably know already, my result sheet came yesterday which was very quick, I'm still waiting for my Nova CC 25 result sheet on the 27th, or else it's lost in the post!! John and Ian both did a great ride, and yes you're right Ian's style is such that he doesn't seem to fade badly where most others were a bit slower - I'm talking the roads around Sweetenham which always seem to slow (most of) us down! We enjoyed the best weather for this event for a while though.

See you soon - probably for tea and cakes!

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Re: M&DTTA 100

Postby Baldy Welshy » July 17th, 2009, 8:29 pm

Yes I was glad to see the finish, and very pleased with the ride.

There was no chequer-board at the finish so I was a bit confused at the end.. and overjoyed when I knew it really was all over.

I enjoyed it enough this year to get it in the diary for next year and try and get under that elusive 4:30.

Not only did Steve get 20 quid for 3rd handicap but Ian got 25 quid for 2nd Vet standard. Not a bad days work.
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