TLI cheshire series round 2

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TLI cheshire series round 2

Postby Sean@theedge » May 20th, 2008, 10:01 pm

Another great night of racing tonight on the lower withington circuit (nr. Jodrell bank) 6 laps. Lack of wind and good weather made it a fast evenings racing. I was a lone solider flying the flag for abbots though. I was in the under 50's group with around 40 riders turning out for that group which made it good sized field. After Sundays shenanigans my legs felt pretty dead really, however it was my intension of going out and hammering myself today no matter what, so i attacked, then rested then attacked (it annoys the "sit in" bunch sprinters that want an easy race) and the race was a good one. I did managed to get a good break going and we did get a half decent gap, but the other two riders in the break must have also had dead legs because after half a lap the bunch got us again. Then i chilled out on the last lap ready for the sprint and somehow managed to sneakily get 6th/7th place (not exactly sure which), so in all a great nights racing.

Was good to see a few more juveniles riding aswell tonight in the over 50's race. I think one of them was a lad that has been out on a few club runs with us (sorry cant think of his name!?) , he was in sports city velo when he came out with us lot, Anyone know? My dad pointed him out on our way out. So sorry i did acknowledge you if your reading this, i wasn't being ignorant i just didn't reconise you not in sports city kit.

Same circuit next week, lower withington. Race start at 7pm -under 50's first. The rest- several mins later.
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Re: TLI cheshire series round 2

Postby Baldy Welshy » May 20th, 2008, 11:19 pm

Well Done Sean.
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