Update on 2013 season

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Update on 2013 season

Postby NeilRothers » June 19th, 2013, 10:21 pm

Hi Guys
Just a quick note to keep you all posted on my timetrialling endeavours this year, I'm living in preston so have been riding a few "L" courses so not many on "J", but I've done one or two (best 'J' times are a 58 in the M&D 25 and a 22 in our club 10)
I've done about 5 club 10's on L105 (local course on country lanes - probably similar to J2/3 in course profile) and have got my times down from 22:50 to 21:52.

In open events; I rode the O2 (O10/2) a few weeks ago and managed 21:06... Not the best day for weather and was frustrated to miss out on a '20' but there'll be other days!

I also rode O25/3 last week, it was my first target of the year (to do a fast 25)..... I felt good in the event & felt like I went as well as possible (given my form), the weather was against me though and it was was blowing a pretty strong wind... I ended with 55:15, i was content with it but feel like if I'd have had a good day I could have done at least a minute faster (I caught my '0' minute man who had entered with a recent 53 so was happy with that)!! I have another fast 25 next week so am hoping to improve in that.

Will keep you all posted on my upcoming rides as I get the results.

Neil R
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Re: Update on 2013 season

Postby Focus » June 24th, 2013, 9:06 pm

That is impressive stuff Neil, good to hear from you sir. :D
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